Sunday, September 23, 2007

Vacation summary Part 3

There were many places along our drive that, had we not been travelling with two small people who didn't want to be in the car and so I didn't want to prolong it, I would have pulled over and taken many scenic pictures. We did have beautiful weather for all but the one night in Jasper, and that made our gorgeous countryside even prettier. Nobody could resist stopping at the world's largest truck though. One day, we'll get a picture by the world's largest tree crusher too.

We left Airdrie and made our way to Taira's home, halfway between Castlegar and Nelson. We were going to be camping, but the little time we had to spend with her (she was working during the days, after all) and the fact we'd packed and unpacked so many times already, meant that we were more inclined to sleep on her living room floor. (I hope she didn't mind too terribly much.) Being around Charley helped Quentin with his fear of dogs - which he was passing on to Jade. He's not cured, but he doesn't immediately start screaming and panicking when a dog is in sight - he just gets a little nervous instead.

We went to Castlegar the one day, and had a lovely time at a spray park. We thought we'd go there after how much the kids enjoyed the one in Kamloops. We then walked through a park with a suspension bridge. The following day Taira had the morning off and so she took us to Nelson where we played on a beach before she went to work. We then packed up and went to Osoyoos.

Unfortunately my mother had already abandoned her summer home for the winter, so we didn't get to visit with her there. Instead, we had a relaxing time at the beach for a day, did our laundry so we didn't have to do it once we arrived home, and almost felt rested before heading home. Okay, before heading to Tyler's dad's house in Cloverdale for his 50th birthday party and then we went home. And then there were the two birthday parties we went to on Sunday. And then Tyler was back at work and Quentin and Jade were back in daycare on Monday. Then I drove to Kits to pick up my purse I'd left at the second birthday party. That pretty much negated the restful feeling I'd had. Then I made jam and canned nectarines all week.

I haven't developed the pictures from the disposable camera we got at the Calgary zoo (forgot our camera in the car and had so little time there we didn't want to run back to the car). It contains pictures of the zoo and Osoyoos. You might see them someday. :)


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