Thursday, July 12, 2007

Fun in the summer

My Neon got its last oil change from me today. I'm just going to clean it up, and then it's ready to be sold. Do you know anyone who wants to buy it? It's in excellent condition as I've kept it well-maintained. It got a new battery today, two new tires a few months ago, and it runs really, really well. No rust. And, as you may remember, it's a lovely shade of purple. I've had it for ten years now, and the only trouble I've had with it (other than squirrels) was the one time the transmission line blew within a week of getting it serviced so I'm suspicious that was the fault of the people who serviced it. Nothing else.

Camping went well. The kids really enjoyed it. Jade kept trying to crawl into Quentin's inflatable toddler bed (it's an air mattress with kind of a sleeping bag attached to it) so we ended up buying her one the next day as well. Quentin got one with SpongeBob on it from his Pappy last year. It's an air mattress, with a pillow, with a cover on it that has a sleeping bag on top. Jade's is a Dora one, but it doesn't have a pillow. Instead, it has almost a head board (to keep from going over the top, I guess) and bumpers on the sides so she can't roll off. She's sleeping on it downstairs right now quite well. It's so hot upstairs that we're keeping her down there until we head to bed.

My mouth is slowly getting better. I can talk and almost laugh without hurting too terribly much. Friday they are going to take the "cast" stuff off my gums. The one on the roof of my mouth I was told would only last about two days with most people, five if it was taken care of. I still have seven days later - minus the edge where it wore away. It's a little swollen where the under coating of whatever it is under the cast came off tonight, but seems to be doing fine. Of course, now that I'm writing this...did I even mention that I got gum-graft surgery last Wednesday? If not, they took some tissue from the roof of my mouth to extend some of my gums on my lower front teeth. They'll do it again at the end of the summer to help the receding gums on my upper front teeth.

Summer school is actually going quite well. The kids are well-behaved. Some are whiny, but that's to be expected. It's going very quickly, although only teaching half days, I have no idea what day of the week it is. I couldn't figure out if today was Monday or Friday, but I figured it was one of the two.

Tomorrow I take my car in to get fixed. Yes, my new one. Tyler was at the mall the other weekend, and somebody drove into the wheel. Yes, they missed the rest of the car, but got the wheel. It's scratched up and the alignment is off. We'll see if anything else is wrong when I bring it in for servicing.

Be well. Stay cool.


At 7/12/2007 5:09 PM, Blogger Miss Political said...

Ok, as someone with receding gums, I'm going to pretend half that post didn't happen. LALALALALALA. No really, I hope you're feeling better.
I had a Neon too, and I loved it. Can't buy it, but I'm chiming in, the Neon is a great car. Someone should buy it.
Keep enjoying your summer...


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