Tuesday, September 11, 2007


I know, I know, a post about our vacation would be nice...but that's not on my mind this moment. Squirrels are.

Some people may recall we had squirrels in our attic a couple years ago. The last week I've seen our big black squirrel going up the chimney. *sigh* Call the pest control company. AAA Wildlife, if you need a good one.

Why do I say our squirrel? Because she's always around. I'm sure she's the one that planted the nuts in my car wheels. She has no fear of humans. When you're about five feet away from her, yelling at her to get lost, she will maybe move a foot further away. She's been shredding our local papers for months. Well, we found out the reason for that today.

She had four babies in our chimney. And, to be fair, they're almost fully grown, so they haven't been an issue. We didn't know there were babies in there until the control guy started pulling out the nesting material. One black squirrel with three black babies, and one grey baby. The babies were put in a box on top of the chimney so the mommy could come and collect them and move them to a new nest somewhere else. Some of the babies moved under the roof tiles in the gutter, and the grey one stayed in the box.
The mom has had an awful time trying to pull them out and move them. They've sounded like baby birds, cats, and chickens. Odd creatures. I've felt bad for the mommy, as much as I've disliked her forever, because those kids were just not cooperating. She even had one hanging over the eaves, but there was no way it was going to help her get it off the roof, so she had to bring it back until she could find a better way to get it down.
I'm pretty sure they're all moved now. I hope they're in a safe place, not in somebody else's home. And if they are in another person's home, that they get a humane remover as well.


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