Saturday, November 24, 2007

Biscuit Season!

Our "sleepy song station" on the radio has turned to a Christmas music station. I wouldn't mind if it were December already, but it's not quite yet. However, our children seemed to enjoy it today, and they insisted on Christmas decorations at daycare the day after Halloween, so this isn't as bad.

Anyways. We're listening to the "Cracknutter Suite" (according to Quentin, all nutcrackers are cracknutters, in case you didn't know - we hope it stays that way) and letting Quentin know that it's a ballet and that it doesn't sound like something only girls would dance to, is it? He said he really liked the song and that it was so good that ONLY boys danced to it. (Don't worry, we'll find it somewhere this year and show him what it's really like!)

Then "Deck the Halls" came on.

- Mommy, this song is called 'Deck the Halls.'
- Yes it is! Very good. (It was instrumental.)
- And you know what the silly part of the song is?
- What is it? (Thinking it's the falala parts.)
- It's where they sing "Biscuit Season to be Jar-ly."

We decided not to tell him the real words quite yet.


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