Thursday, September 07, 2006


These pictures are Jade's first pear last week. (The first piece of fruit that wasn't cut up for her.) She was playing with our box of apples, and found a pear that we had put in there. She started chewing on the stem, so I turned the pear so she could bite the side. She went back to the stem. I turned it again for her. Well, that time she broke through the skin and realized that it was something rather tasty. I had to put her in the high chair as she started making quite the mess.

Jade is now at daycare for her third full day in a row. She is doing quite well there. Tuesday when I was dropping the children off, I passed her over to Naheed to hold while I helped Quentin with his shoes. Jade refused to come back to me for a good-bye hug and kiss. Nothing but smiles at Naheed, even when she got put in the high chair for breakfast. Barely looked at me. It's a good thing, of course, that she enjoys being there so much but I miss having her home with me. And yes, she does show that she's missed me when I pick them up.

The children are going to bed earlier these days, which is kind of nice. Even Jade is going to sleep before 9. Of course, when they get up around 7, they need the sleep. And we're going to bed before 2 or 3 in the morning, which is nice too. Two nights in a row now we've been in bed before 1. An amazing thing. We're hoping to get it back to midnight before too long. It does help that I can do things around the house during the day, but doing things earlier at night definitely helps.

Take care all.


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