Sunday, June 25, 2006

The Scam Man Cometh

So...the scam man came to our door today. I read about a guy, maybe this one, in the paper a few weeks ago. Apparently this has been in the local papers too, not just the major ones. A guy asks for some money to 'top up' what he needs to keep his car from being towed away, just a few dollars...$8.50 in this case. (He said he'd leave some tools as collateral, but I didn't see a car, hear a tow truck, or see any tools for that matter.) When he comes back, he needs enough to get his car out of the impound lot. The story I read was that the little old lady became wise when he came back and got upset she didn't have enough money, and she ended up hitting him with her purse.

How did I know it was the scam man? There's nowhere near our house that would have a car be towed on a Saturday. Secondly, there's nobody named Craig that he could be a nephew of on the entire street. And no, no there isn't a Michael at one of the houses next to me that he could ask for money from either. Then there's the nonsense about he was just in a car accident (wouldn't he need the tow truck then?) Helped that he ran away as soon as Tyler came up the stairs, although I'd been about to close the door on him at that point. I did report him to the RCMP, where the dispatch lady said that she'd read about him herself and she was glad I didn't give him any money. A police car was patrolling the area within five minutes.



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