Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Oh my oh my!

Don't have a minute, but it's been a month, so I thought it'd be a good idea to update what's happening.

I think our roof got fixed today! A second roofer that we called. Okay, technically the third, but the first was a friend from Tyler's work who did roofing. It took two, maybe three trips. The other company came about 8 times and ended up saying it was something that it so obviously wasn't because they didn't want to bother trying to figure out what it really was. Tyler took a ton of tiles off the roof to see where the water tracks were leading and pointed them out to this new guy, who also did more than take five minutes to pick up two tiles and put a spot of glue down (grrr). Not that I'm upset that the company I called at the end of January couldn't get things figured out and done any sooner than this, of course. Why would I be?

Quentin spent a week learning a hip hop dance at his school last week. They brought in a teacher and each class learned a routine. I was working, but Tyler managed to get there and record it for me. He was awesome! And, he'll perform for you because if he "can do it in front of all those people, [he] can do it in front of a few." He says the names of the moves the first time he runs through them too. "Yo! Muscle! Frog! Slide...bounce and wiggle." He likes the super model move best, but doesn't know why it's called that. He's pretty sure he'd like to join a hip hop dance class now. Still loving his art class. There was no soccer session this time round, but I think that we are doing okay without that extra running around. Swimming lessons just started up last weekend too, and this week he started his lessons with the daycare and they go twice a week. If he's not comfortable with the water by summer time...something's wrong!

Jade's in swimming lessons too, although the time conflicts with her music class. We missed music class this week, we'll miss swimming next week, then music is cancelled due to neighbourhood celebrations so we'll swim, then miss swimming for the last music class. Then there's four more swimming classes. 6/8 should be okay. Jade is not afraid of much and was willing to put her face in the water for her first lesson this year, so she should be fine. She's still doing dance class and enjoying it. Hopefully we'll be able to get her in a class that works on a little more technique in the fall (while still being fun, of course!) as she really wants to be doing ballet.

We worked on the garden the May long weekend and the weekend before. I shovelled almost the whole garden through the sieve I had Tyler make when the garden went in. There were lots of things still in the dirt that I wanted to get out and I thought it was a good time to do so. We also got a few bags of organic dirt in an auction at Quentin's school to mix in (we got the garden basket). It's looking great now. We have planted cucumbers; pumpkins; sugar baby watermelons; Mr Stripey tomatoes and Pink Ponderosa tomatoes we planted as seeds indoors; a variety of cherry tomatoes; some purple ones; some pineapple tomatoes (?!); some peppers (one plant of which is gone due to the neighbours' cat using our garden as a litter box); kale; chard; brussel sprouts; purple cauliflower; an artichoke; beans; peas; celery; hoping to get our ground cherries in there when they get a little bigger; carrots; the alpine strawberries, parsley and lavender from last year; and a billion marigolds to keep the aphids off of everything! We didn't get all of our brussel sprouts last year because of the aphids, and the artichoke couldn't even produce another leaf because they attacked it so viciously. I don't want that happening again! The only brussel sprouts we got were ones right beside the marigolds next to the tomatoes that weren't touched at all, so I know they work!

I'm back at Fox right now. Teaching four classes. Two of them are Science 10, so that's a lovely chore as they put so much into the curriculum and the kids are supposed to know all of it for the provincial exam. The other two classes are Biology 12. I've never taken a Biology course in my life, but please don't tell the students that! They were wrapping up the nervous system when I got there, I think I made it through the kidney/endocrine system without damaging them too much, and we're starting the reproductive systems. As long as I don't get too ticked at what the textbook doesn't tell them, it should be fine.

Tyler's working his tail off, at work and home. He's been doing the other stuff while I was doing the garden. He's been running home on his lunches to meet with the roofers. He's now in charge of the safety committee at work, so that adds to the load that he's already been given there. The two of us are definitely in need of a vacation, but it doesn't look like it's going to be happening this week. *sigh*

Time to sleep. Be well.


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