Sunday, March 01, 2009

Too much, too much

I take on too much. Plain and simple.

I've been finishing up the bathroom that was started 2 1/2 years ago. I did the trim last month. I've been working on the tiles for the backsplash the last couple days, then I'm going to fix where the ones on the floor that weren't put in properly. (We've had grout chipping out forever, and it's just getting worse as the tiles get looser.) I had the children ripping off the painted textured wall paper in the hallway today. Oh the mess. They're having fun with it, though. It's my incentive to actually get rid of it and paint the hall sometime this year. We're having work done on our roof when the roofer returns from his honeymoon. I don't think we'll get to the deck this year. Unfortunately. I still need to go cut back the grapes, and the plum tree, and...

I just finished a small cross stitch for Jade. A frog. It's pretty cute. I did it because, well, she asked me to, and because it's prep for a quilt square that I'm supposed to be doing for my friend Taira's baby. I haven't done needlework since early in my university career when my wrists got mad at me. They're starting to again, but I need to do something. I think it will go okay.

Quentin finished up gymnastics today. I'll post a bit of video soon once I get the new camera hooked up to the 'puter. Not going to happen right now. Jade has one more dance class, and two more music classes for this session. They both will be in soccer until the beginning of April. I start tennis lessons on Monday. I start filling in for one teacher for a week on Monday, and then another teacher for a month or so the following Monday.

We couldn't get Quentin into another gymnastics class as it was full. He didn't want piano, or swimming, and skating was full. He does want to take an art class, so I'm going to get him into one of those if I can, plus put him in a dance class like Jade's, but for bigger kids, in order to try to keep him using up his energy in a constructive way. We'll see how it goes. He's going to come visit Jade's class next week to see what it's like. It goes later in the day than we normally like to have things booked, but it should be okay.

Friday was a sad day for us at daycare as we said good-bye to two good friends (and their mom who I also consider a good friend). The one boy had been there since Quentin went back to that daycare, and we've known his little brother from when he was born. They moved out to Maple Ridge last year, and next year the older boy starts Kindergarten, so it makes sense for them to be at a daycare close to their home, but that doesn't mean we wanted them to go at all!

Okay, I'm going to go sleep. Postings of pictures and video will happen...eventually.

Take care.


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