Saturday, November 18, 2006

Voice to spare? Anyone?

All week I've been a TOC for Chem 12 and Math 11 and LOVED it. The students were generally wonderful. (One of them even tried to get everyone to give me a group hug as it was my last day today.) The only real problem? I haven't had a voice for the last two days. Not so easy to instruct when one cannot be heard. Everyone in the house has this...although Jade barely has a whisper of a cough due to those antibodies she ingests everyday. Okay, I'm the only one without a voice...the boys just have the accompanying coughs.

Jade has been walking, no more that a few steps at a time but we're not rushing her. She has another tooth, but it's not the eye tooth (which should be next in line), it's a very pointy molar behind it. Go figure. Her favourite words right now are 'hat,' 'tap tap tap' (the title of a story which is repeated throughout the story), and 'wolf.'

Quentin has named his ghost (the one he was going to carry when he was a pumpkin for Halloween, then left it at daycare that day...but he had the ghost basket anyways). His frog with red eyes he named "Red Eye" so are we surprised his ghost is named "Eyebrow"?

The bathroom is primed, and the ceiling is painted. I was going to paint the walls this week, but got that call to work all week as the teacher went to spend time with his newest son. I wasn't going to say no. Next week...if I can move. Then we get a toilet installed! Yay!

Heading to the island very, very early in the morning and I need to iron and pack. Take care.


At 11/18/2006 12:09 PM, Blogger Nancy said...

Just typed a comment- it disappeared. Glad to hear you're getting some work. I'm hoping to do even day at FV but at the moment I've just arrived in Sask. to spend a couple weeks with my family. The below 0 temperatures are an adjustment. . .

At 11/20/2006 12:08 AM, Blogger Jen said...

Thank you, Nancy. I get, on average, three days a week. Almost works for me as I'm still plugging away at the bathroom, among other things. And, well, it was report card week at the school I was just at, and I'm so incredibly thankful to not be a part of that right now. We went for a walk tonight instead of me ignoring my family all day and all night. Did you know there are Christmas lights up already? And we saw three Christmas trees!

Enjoy your family time, even if it's cold!


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